Designing telecom SaaS platform


  • Research
  • Information Architecture
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Art Direction

FoxTel is a technology company specializing in cloud communications tools for business. The company’s line of solutions for professional call processing and digital communications, cloud-based contact center platforms, SIP telephony and virtual PBX.

I was tasked with designing a new personal cabinet for company services.

Rethinking the design to enhance user experience

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During a discovery workshop with the client, we’d gone through a detailed research about its users and the way they interact with the tool. This research guided our design proposals, which ultimately led to a complete overhaul of the tool’s design elements – they are now more intuitive, as well as easier to use and navigate through.

Complete control over the tool.

As our client’s previous IT service provider went out of business, they tasked us with building a new online app from scratch based on latest technologies and UI/UX tools. It needed to consist of the same core functionalities, but upgraded to provide a better and smoother user experience.

Focus on the customers.

Prospective customers can examine in detail all projects that use company products and easily obtain all materials they need.

Ecommerce first.

The Chapter about the company maximally immerse the user in the organization, tells about the purpose and strategy, provides factual information, allows to see clearly the production process, download necessary materials and gives the opportunity to become a partner of the company.


Increase in conversion by 36% and rise in time spent on the site by 54%.

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